As part of the NS Sexual Violence Strategy, a Provincial Committee of dedicated and passionate community members have developed a free online training course to help you learn more about sexual violence and how to support someone who has survived it.

It is for service providers, friends, family members, neighbours, parents, teachers, first responders, counselors, and anyone who is acting as a support person, or is concerned about sexual violence.

The training is interactive and learner-driven: Do as much or as little as you need, in whatever order makes sense for you. Take the course alone at your own pace, create a discussion group or go through the modules with a friend. If you complete all 8-modules, you can receive a Certificate of Completion.

These resources are for all to use. Feel free to print off the handouts or show the videos in your class, workplace, or community centre.  

Ending sexual violence, and making this world a better place for those who have survived sexual violence, is a collective effort. In taking this training you are demonstrating your commitment to these goals. Thank you!


Click this button to access the training: